Monday, 7 May 2012

View from my balcony

Although today is a Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK, for The Maverick and me it has been like any other Monday.  

As Langley Parish Administrator, I usually start working on the news sheet for the coming week.  Then I post prayers and scripture readings for the coming week on the parish website: 

Before, my work cut out for me.
However, in the spirit of a three-day weekend, I scheduled a project for myself in regards to the balcony.  As I mentioned last year, I decided that the amount of vegetables produced were not really worth the amount of effort of planting and tending it took to maintain the plant boxes.  I did consider planting flowers this year.  However, since I struggle with energy levels, I decided that I would eleminate the "Garden In A Box" project this year. 

There is a three-phase plan to transform the balcony to a "side-walk Cafe" type area.  

Phase One:   Empty the plant boxes, clean up the rest of the balcony.

Phase Two:  Remove the gardening left-overs by donating them to people who could use them.  I prefer this option of re-cyle to throwing usable things away.  

Phase Three:  Buy a small table and chairs to place out on the balcony. 

Work in progress
The winter had taken it's toll on the balcony and the plant boxes.  Some of the boxes had left over stems sticking up--like the sunflower and tomato vines.  My plan was to pull up all the "volunteer" growth and the dried up stems.  This I did.  I took the time to break-up the dirt.  This I dumped into double-layered bin liners/garbage bags.  

Our friends "Techphile" & "Sandgroper" bought a home last year.  Now they have a back garden and want to teach their children the pleasure and work of raising a garden.  Since I was closing the book on my gardening/plant keeping, I offered them the containers and other paraphernailia I had to them.  This includes a large Rubbermaid foot locker.  The footlocker was used over nine years ago to ship some of my personal belongings here to England.  It was no longer needed and I have a feeling "Techphile's" family can make good use of it.

Phase Two of the balcony will happen when "Techphile & Sandgroper" can come over and collect the compost and containers. 

Phase Three happens when I've saved up enough money to buy a Bistro Set.  This is a tiny set, which would be just big enough to be comfortable for sitting at in the morning for coffee or in the evening.  We like to watch the plans coming into Heathrow.  I'll have to find a way to earn some pocket money so we can buy this before the summer if over.  
Phase One Complete

That's if the summer ever gets here.  The weather forecasters are saying this is going to be the coldest month of May in over 100 years.  I arrived home on 18th April, and it seems like we've had maybe one or two days of sun.  I even turned the heat on yesterday!

I managed to get Phase One completed today.  I did a sweep-up of the floor.  I would have liked to washed the floor.  But it was just too cold to be messing about with water.  The last thing I wanted to do was get wet along with being cold today.  

Once the Bistro set is purchased, assembled and being used, I will take another photo and post it.  But for now I'm content that the balcony is tidier.

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,

"Lady Helene"

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