Monday, 8 December 2014

Maisy playing with WHAT?

As many of you know, I now have a puppy.  Maisy is six months old on 10the December.  And she is certainly a pistol.

I've been asked by my British friends what that means.  Well, when you call someone a pistol, it means he/she is very clever, learns quickly, is independent and very energetic.  Feisty certainly is a good definition of my Maisy. 

Last week "the Maverick" came in with fruit and vegetables from the Green Grocers.  A bag of purple onions was included in that lot.  I was dumping the onions into a tub/container on the kitchen work top, which already had potatoes in it.  One of the onions fell onto the floor.  

But when I looked down, I couldn't see it.  "Curious."  I thought.  But got on with organising the onions so they fit into the container.  

A bit later, I walked into the room that serves as my office/studio and there was the onion on the floor.  Because puppy follows me often, I wasn't surprised that she followed me in.  

My camera was attached to a tripod, and so I immediately turned it on, as Maisy began playing with her "new toy".  

No, it is NOT a purple ball that she is batting about. It is a Purple Onion!  

This Furbaby always brings a smile to our face.

By the way, the only way I could successfully download this video into my blog was to download it to YouTube.  But I have only one video on YouTube.  I mention that because once my video is played, other possible videos come up in the square.  And those may be similar, but not mine. 

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,

"Lady Helene"