Monday, 10 November 2014

Remembrance Sunday 2014

I've missed many opportunities over the last few months to write about things happening here in my world.  Especially about Maisy, our precious, puppy.  

I determined yesterday--after a friend reminded me that I do have an audience who appreciates/enjoys my posts--to post something today 

"The Maverick" using his Samsung Smart phone--which he received as a 60th birthday present from one of his daughters--took photos at the Memorial in Langley Park.  I wanted to share a few of them.

Crosses symbolising the 91 service men from Langley who died during WW 1.  It is the Centenery of the start of WW1.

Me standing next to the "Poppy Crosses"  The shadow is of "The Maverick" taking the photo.

The Memorial with Poppy Wreaths placed by local organisations.

 It was a day to remember and reflect on those who served our countries (United Kingdom and the United States).  Especially as the bag-pipe player piped "Abide With Me" as the crosses were being placed and the wreathes were being laid.  For me, I thought about my Dad, who was a Parachute Rigger in the Navy and theAir Force, my Uncle, who served as a gunner in the Navy and my stalwart, faithful husband who served in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa.  

My heart is humbled that God should bless me by letting me be born and live in countries where I can openly express my faith, my opinions and and share my dreams.  

I am even more thankful that Jesus Christ shed His pure, cleansing blood so that no matter what country/land I live in, I will always first and foremost of Child of the Kingdom of Heaven.  

Serving Jesus, Author of out faith.
"Lady Helene."