Sunday, 22 September 2013

I did Dance...

                Yes, I danced!  Last night (Saturday, 21st September) I joined a group of about 100 people at this year’s Harvest Barn Dance, hosted by the parish churches.  The Maverick was at work, but I still had a partner for the folk dancing; a lovely Korean lady named Jeesun. 
               The Maverick and I got acquainted with Jeesun over Christmas 2011.  The organisation, HOST UK , connected us with Jeesun, and she came for Christmas.  Looking back, I’m surprised I didn’t write about more of our UK Host guests.  I did write about HOST UK in a previous post:
                Because HOST UK places serves students, most of the adult visitors return to their home countries after they finish their masters’ degrees.   In general most HOST UK visitors only visit their guests homes once or twice.  So it seemed unlikely we would get to see any of our new friends more than once.  But I am on the social network, and sent out an e-mail to people in my e-mail address book; one of whom was Jeesun.  She accepted my invitation to link-up and sent me a message.  I discovered that she was still in London.  So I invited her to come for a visit. 
                She came yesterday, bringing with her a tin of lovely Korean biscuits.   We sat on the couch, chatting, drinking tea and crunching the crumbly treats until it was time to walk to the school where the dance was being held.
                Unfortunately, Jeesun had purchased a return ticket for Saturday evening—and she had to leave the dance an hour into the event.  Her fish dinner was packed into a courier bag and I walked her to the entrance to the park she would have to walk through to get to the bus stop. 
                Besides the dancing, and a take-away dinner that was catered in, there was a raffle.  I passed on the opportunity of purchasing tickets, because I have so much stuff around here that I don’t really need I didn’t want to bring anything else home! 
                I really enjoy the social events hosted by the church, as it gives a person a chance to talk to other people you see on a Sunday morning, but don’t really have a chance to talk to, get to know. 
                The dance finished at 9.00 pm.  Several people from the three congregations busied themselves with stacking up the chairs, folding up the tables and setting the hall in order.  The trash had been collected through-out the evening, so it was also carried out.  All was done in 10 minutes—almost before one could turn around twice.
               Usually I just sit on the side-lines, chatting with friends, and secretly wishing I was bold enough to get up and dance.  This time, I was glad that I decided to “get over myself” and join the others on the floor.  I wasn’t the only one who was a novice.  It wasn’t a contest.  And at the end of the evening, my heart was still dancing—right until I went to bed.

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,
“Lady Helene”

Monday, 9 September 2013

This Saturday just past...

  I took an old-fashioned walk today.  What is an old-fashioned walk?  I went without a mobile phone, no heavy rucksack and no particular destination in mind.  Actually, I had a little errand to perform—posting a letter at a local pillar box.  But that part of the walk was over in about 10 minutes. 
                I truly admire people who love to go out walking, just for the sake of walking.  I confess to enjoying sitting at home, watching a film on television, or reading a book or sewing.  The Maverick is a person who enjoys being active.  He uses up so much energy at work, and doing favours for others, that when he does sit down on our couch, he frequently is overtaken with sleep. 
                Although the sky was blanketed over by grey clouds, it wasn’t raining when I went out this morning.  Now, into the early afternoon, it is raining; soft, soaking, tiny droplets of rain, decorating the windows like wet glitter.  It’s so soft, you can’t hear it.  Yet, watching it is restful, peaceful.  It makes it’s a good tool for meditating.  Autumn is hinting at her arrival.
                Sometimes when I’m out walking, I think of so much I want to write, to share.  But then I get home and it seems my ideas have flown away, like a flock of geese heading to warmer climates for the winter.
                The Maverick works some crazy shifts—which means I go places by myself.  Sometimes I feel like a singleton.  Thankfully, that feeling doesn’t last for long.  This past Saturday, (7th September,) I went to a wedding by myself.  Thankfully the bride and groom attend St. Mary’s, so there were friends to sit with. 
After the ceremony
Each time I go to a wedding, I mentally repeat the vows along with the bride—reaffirming my commitment to The Maverick and my family.  Not a bad thing to do.  Especially when I think about my life and know I would certainly marry The Maverick again.
                The Lord blessed the Wedding Day with sun, a day of perfect warmth.  The wedding was at 3.00 pm, but the reception was at 7.30 pm.  I came home after the ceremony, having arranged for a lift to the reception later.  And since The Maverick finished his shift at 3.00pm, he was home by the time I arrived home.
The reception—being held at a cricket club house—being scheduled for 7.30 pm,  meant that The Maverick had time to get home, rest, shower and then be ready to go out to the party.  I must admit, The Maverick was very handsome.  Spending time chatting with friends, listening to music, eating nibbles and enjoying whilst watching the children run around, allowed opportunity to deepen friendships.  Since we caught a ride with the Vicar and his wife, and it was a Saturday night, we left about 9.30 pm.  This meant all of us could get good sleep before Sunday morning. 
                I’ll write more about Sunday later.
Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,
“Lady Helene”