Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Man and His Bike...

The Maverick 2007
                        “You have two mistresses!”  I jokingly say to the Maverick.  “Your computer and your bicycle—and not necessarily in that order.” 
                If he didn’t kiss me first thing when he wakes up in the morning, before he turns on his computer, I probably would feel a little insecure. But he does.  :-) (Kiss me, that is!)
       And if he would rather go bicycling that spend time with me, then I’d probably be resentful; but he doesn't.   

       As it is, I listen to him dream about a custom-built bicycle—which will cost almost £1,100—complete with bells and lights.  When he starts waxing lyrical about “JOG-LE”, I just smile and thank God for passion. 
                What’s “JOG-Le”?  It stand for two destinations—you start and one point and end at the other; John O’Groats, Scotland to Land’s End, England.  The course takes a traveller—whether walker or bicyclist—diagonally across Great Britain.  Some people start at the top and go south, whilst others prefer to leave Land’s End and work their way north.  Often this journey is done by folk who want to raise money for charity.  Others want to do it for the sheer accomplishment of it. 
                To be honest, I often think how wonderful it would be to make the journey with him—on a bike of my own.  However, my current fitness level prevents it.  So, I dream of being healed from the depression and fatigue. 
When I was in my twenties, I used to ride a one speed bike that I stopped by back-peddling.  The bike had been my Mom’s, which she got when she was sixteen years old.  It was a solidly built bike and very comfortable to ride. 
                I’d get up before work and ride a 10-mile course around town six days a week.  Sometimes I’d ride in the evening, the basket on the front holding a tape-recorder, which I used to play music.  I loved riding on evenings of the early summer, before the days were suffocating with humidity and heat.  Occasionally I’d even go riding in the warm rain. 
Me getting ready to roll!
  In 2007 The Maverick and I went bicycle shopping for a bike for me—and the one I bought was a little too big.  But I did ride it—and The Maverick and I would peddle around Eton, Windsor, and Black Park and around the neighbourhood.  We’d usually stop for tea and a treat.  I really miss doing that now.  But I’m praying that I’ll be able to do that again. 
                The other day The Maverick and I were discussing that I’d been having quite a few bad days over the last week.  We discussed that I needed to picture myself doing the things I wanted to do, and to keep my mind focused on the promises of God.  Some days I do try to push myself, push beyond the weariness, the head-aches and the burning eyes and do what needs doing.  Other days I just surrender to the sleep that wants to claim my body.  My Darling Husband keeps praying for my health to be restored—believing God will answer our prayers.
                I may tease The Maverick about his “pre-occupation” of bicycling—and the preference he has for staring at his computer rather than watch television with me.  But everyday The Maverick makes a point of showering me with cuddles and kisses, as well as teasing me, encouraging me and eating our meals together.  He’s proven that I am his main concern by bringing me treats—like fruit or chocolate.  He concerns himself with doing things around the flat that I want doing, or even that just need doing. 
                As I write this, he’s using some nasty smelling chemicals to clean and service his bicycle—which he refers to as his “Trusty Steed.”  Great!  Thanks for making a mess on my cleaned-up balcony!  Guess the balcony is better than the lounge carpet. 
                Although he could be out riding right now, he’s busy being a good steward; bike maintenance to make this one last as long as it can. 
                As for my bike—it’s out on loan. 
                Truth be told, The Maverick might frustrate me on occasion—as I do him.  For the most part, I enjoy our banter about his hobby—because I believe that eventually I will be healthy enough to share it with him again.  

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,
"Lady Helene"

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