Saturday, 5 May 2012

Not sewn up...

I truly missed having a sewing machine in Florida.  I took some knitting,  on which I barely worked.  

Quilting became an interest because I found myself quilting the inside of the purses I was making for my three step-daughters.  For one thing, sewing long lines was actually soothing.  

Therefore, I took the opportunity to look at books from the library about quilting.

Purse Three
The quilting isn't seen here, because it's on the inside.  But it fed my creative mind with the idea that I could actually make bags with the quilting on the outside.  I've thought of all kinds of ideas.  

I decided that if I couldn't sew, maybe I could do some research and find some good reference materials to help me get started.  Afterall, because I don't have my grandmothers to help me, and don't belong to a sewing group, I needed something to instruct me in how to get started and take me through the process.

Quilting by hand is a skill I have wanted to learn; as for several years I thought hand-quilting was much more authentic, honest.  Having quilted the inside of the bags, I realised that machine quilting was beautiful in its own right.  So, I went looking for a teaching tool for myself.  

The library in Bradenton had lots of options, so I was a bit overwhelmed with choice.  Yet, the book I liked had the word "complete" in the title.  And it had to do with machine quilting.  I used to want to hand quilt everything.  But the truth is, I don't sew quickly.  Therefore, I was more open to the idea of machine quilting.  

Many years ago, I realised that if I checked a book out of the library three times in a row, I should buy the book.  After taking time to read the first few pages, being impressed with amount of specific and detailed information, I knew that it wouldn't take three times of checking the book out to decide to buy it.  It had several projects that I found intriguing, and created a desire to make them.  Thus, off to I surfed, I clicked and I purchased it.  

There was this miss-placed idea that within a few days of arriving home, I would have my sewing machine running hot and heavy.  But, in all honesty, not one stitch has been sewn.  ;-S  I guess it settling back into routines and finding a groove takes longer than expected.  

Before I can do any new sewing projects though, I need to finish the sewing project I started last December.  But I can't say what it is because the project consists of items that will become Christmas presents.  

But I'm sure in the next few weeks I will find a rhythm and the urge for the hum of a bobbing needle will get too strong for me to resist.  

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,

"Lady Helene"

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