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Mothers Who Love(d) Me

Sunday, 13th May is approaching.  The second Sunday in May, and Mother's Day in the USA, South Africa and many other countries.  In the United Kingdom, Ireland and Nigeria, Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the Fourth Sunday of Lent, which is usually March.  To find out when Mother's Day is commemorated throughout the world, check out this website:

"Mama Maverick"
Both my mother and my mother-in-law were born in May.  The Maverick's Mum was born on 8th May, 1918.  My mother was born on 31st May, 1926.

The photo here was taken in December 2004.

 "Mama Maverick" was an amazing lady.  She was born and raised in South Africa.  She enlisted in the army during World War II.  When she went to sign up, the recruiter wanted to put her into the typing pool.  None of that for her!  When the recruiter asked her what she wanted to do, she wanted to be a driver.  And a driver she became.  The Maverick is fond of saying that the only things his Mum never drove were a train, a plane and a ship.  Somewhere there is a photo of her on a motor bike with a dispatch bag.  And yes, "Mama Maverick" even drove a tank!  

"Mama Maverick" died 3rd August 2005, at age 87.

My Mom, taken 28th May 2006.
Here is a photo I took of my Mom a few days before her 80th birthday, in 2006.  

My Mom was too young to sign up for World War II.  She was a teen-ager when the USA was pulled into the war.  She still rememebers hearing the news over the radio of the bombing of Pearl Harbour.  She told me that she would join a group of women at the local court house to knit scarves for the soldiers.  

"I never knew you learned to knit."  I said with raised eyebrows.

"Yes, well, I did.  But we had to use an ugly brown yarn to make hats and scarves, and I think that put me off knitting."  

I'm very grateful for the investment my mother made into my life.  She taught me so much, and I will write about some of the things she taugh me in future blogs.  

Mom will be 86 years old on the 31st of May this year.

But I'd like to mention another woman who have been "Mothers-in-the-Lord."  This women have invested in me, prayed with and prayed for me, and I just want to praise the Lord and honour her here.

Mrs. Elsie G.:  I met Elsie back in 1985.  Having moved back to Indianapolis from Florida, she was a guest in the same house where I was renting a room.  My first impression when I met her at church was that she was serious.  But after I got to know her, I learned she was full of life.  She was a teen-ager trapped in a body over 70!  Elsie had been involved with Lydia Fellowship International, a prayer and intercession ministry.   Whilst I was away doing my Discipleship Training School at Holmsted Manor, England, she prayed for me every day.  I always knew when she was praying for me.  When I returned to Indianapolis after my DTS, Elsie & I began meeting together weekly to pray together.  She continued to pray for me through the years, no matter where I was working with Youth With A Mission.  

When The Maverick and I got married, "Mama Maverick" was too frail to travel from South Africa to America for the wedding.  To honour her place in my life, we asked Elsie to sit on the groom's side of the church, as mother of the groom.  She was thrilled.  

Elsie died on July 13, 2006 at 86 years old.

There are many women within the Church, the body of Christ, who are mentors, teachers, encouragers--also know as Spiritual Mothers.  My life is richer because of them--even the ones that I don't have space to write about here.  I pray they will be blessed--not just on an annual basis because the calendar says we should.  I pray they will be blessed every day because of their commitment to love.

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,

"Lady Helene" 

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