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Things I've been reading...and other kitties...

When I first arrived here in Florida, I knew that I wouldn't have access to television, as my sister couldn't afford cable.  The condominium community she lives in was purchased by a new owner, who connected cable for all the flats/apartments; of course raising the rent as well.  For the first half of my visit the primary mode of entertainment was trips to the library.

The great thing about being in the USA is having access to some of my favourite American authors that I can't access in the public library systems in England.  Manatee County library offers on-line service; reserving desired books, renewing checked out books and a search service to look for information on all kinds of topics. 

In 2007 I discovered the authoress, Diane Mott Davidson.  If you like mysteries and cooking, then her books are for you.  The heroine is Goldie Korman Schultz--a caterer who gets involved with solving murders.  All of her books include many of the recipes for dishes served at events she caters.  I started reading her series last time I was here.  I was full of anticipation to finish the series while I was here this time--since I knew I'd be here three months.  For readers in America, these should be available through the local library.  For my UK friends, you can find them for purchase on 

Another authoress I discovered is Karen Kingsbury--  She is a prolific Christian author.  She has written several series.  I've read her Baxter Family series--called The Redemption Series; (Redemption, Remember, Return, Rejoice & Reunion).  I've also read three of the four books in the Above The Line Series; (Take One, Take Two and Take Three).  She has written several stand alone books, of which I've read: Oceans Apart.  Karen's characters are met with real life challenges--some who have been taught Christian principles, but get tempted by things in the world.  But there are other characters have strong, solid faith and use it to see miracles. 

A real treasure was the first book in the Mitford Series, entitled At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon.  The hero/main character is Father Tim, an Episcopal Priest.  Ms. Karon writes the way I wish I could--expressing Christian faith in a very believable way; it doesn't feel contrived or preachy.  There is romance, humour, compassion and kindness.  I've read the first two in the series: At Home in Mitford and A Light in the Window.  I have a goal to buy this set of books.  Once again, these books should be available through the public library system as well as Amazon.

In 1994 I attended a three-month School of Writing in University of the Nations.  One of the teachers was Donna Fletcher Crow.  I was able to find a few of her many books in the library.  She is a diligent reseacher and her work reflects this.  I follow Donna Fletcher Crow on Facebook and also read her blog.  I've read two of her epic novels:  Glastonbury, A Novel of Christian England and The Fields of Bannockburn. 

If you're looking to buy books by any of these authors, (or any Christian publications), a great place to check out is  I've used this company for years and they ship internationally.  It is well worth checking out this website. 

About half-way through my visit the cable was hooked up and I've spent more than a few hours watching tv.  Sissy is delighted she can watch Cubs baseball and American Idol.  I've never watched Pop Idol or the X Factor in the UK.  I am guilty of watching Britian's Got Talent.  I've really enjoyed watching Cold Case Files and Criminal Minds. 

I did bring some knitting, but haven't worked on it much. 

CC--on the dresser

Miss Kitty--a tiny little lady
On the left is CC.  He originally showed up behind my sister's apartment/flat with a flee collar on.  He disappeared for about three days, then disappeared again.  From his behaviour, we think CC was previously owned.  He is very affectionate and usually laid back. He doesn't object to having his tummy rubbed and REALLY loves his food.  

Miss Kitty is on the right.  She must weigh about six pounds.  Miss Kitty's favourite place to begin with was under the bed.  Now she is more comfortable around people and the other cats.  She is still shy, though.  Her fur is very soft.  Usually she will disappear when I come into the room.  Miss Kitty is a real sweetheart.   
Blue Boy

Next is Blue.  He is totally grey with a blue sheen to his fur.  He has the most amazing amber eyes.  Blue is chatting at night, calling out to his furry friends.  He loves sitting in the window ledges and look outside.  I think he misses being an outside cat.  He was very shy and skittish at first, but is getting more comfortable.  Sissy can pick him up and he is comfortable with her.  I've been able to pet him and he responds well to his name.   

Brendal--another little girl with a big attitude

The beatiful brindled (having obscure dark streaks or flecks on a usually gray or tawny ground) coloured cat is named Brendal.  She is a little cat with a boulder on her shoulder.  But she has had a very difficult, short life.  By the time she was a year-and-a-half old,she had had three litters of kittens.  She love her food and is known to go after anyone who is in her territory--or what she perceives to be her territory (the kitchen and laundry room.).  She is slowly responding to human kindness and will accept affection.  She has a long way to go, but she has great potential. 

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