Sunday, 8 April 2012

Another Visual --Preacher

This is Preacher.  He was a feral cat that used to frequent the back yard of my sister's house.  It took two years from the first time my sister saw him to the time she was actually able to pet him.  Eventually, his trust in her grew to the point he came into the house--and she took Preacher to the vet to get him steralised.  Since then, he has become the "Godfather" of the cat family in the house.  He is highly affectionate, often grooming the other cats.   

My sister isn't sure how old Preacher actually is, because he was full grown when Sissy first saw him.  She thinks he is beginning to lose his sight.  And he has grey in his fur.  

He is a big cat, solid and muscular, weighing almost 15 pounds. 

The first sighting of Preacher actually spooked Sissy.  It was dark out, and all she could see was his glowing green eyes reflected in the street light.  The next time she saw him, she sighted the white around his neck, and immediately thought of a clerical collar--so she named him Preacher.  Amazingly, he answered to the name.

We always wanted a preacher in the family! 

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,

"Lady Helene"

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