Saturday, 28 April 2012

So, okay, yes I've been home for eleven days and all the cat photos should have been done before I left Florida.  Suffice it to say, I didn't accomplish that.  I truly meant to post the last photo of the cats right after I got home.  I was too busy resting/sleeping to recover from jetlag to do it.  Enough of the excuses and explainations.  

If you're thinking this cat looks familiar, it's because Jeb-Lee looks like his sister, Sethra.  He is larger than Sethra, weighing about eight pounds.  

Sethra in back, Jeb-Lee in front
He is very affectionate.  One night I was sleeping on the recliner couch.  He jumped up and nestled down between my ankles.  A couple of times I felt his claws prick the bottom of my feet.  I could only surmise that my snoring got too loud and he was protesting! 

If you remeber the photos of his sister, you realise that they are ginger tabbies.  They like to play together.  They often curl up near each other and snooze as well.  

Yes, I miss these entertaining little critters.  I even dreamed that I'd brought Sethra home with me and begged My Midnight Man to keep her.  Funny how the mind works.  

That's the last of the cat photos! more cute one of Sethra....

 Yes, this is Sethra in a bowl.  Sissy was sorting through boxes from storage to see of what she could get rid.  This bowl was one of my Great-grandmother's.  It was cracked across the bottom, rendering it unsaleable and almost unusable, in case it leaked.  Sissy had left the bowl on the desk, with other items for donations to local charity shops.  To our amusement, we watched as Sethra stepped into the bowl and proceeded to curl up.  From then on, it was Sethra's bowl.  No disposing of it now!  

I guess I shall have to find my moments of un-expected cuteness from other places!  

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,
"Lady Helene"


  1. The cats are precious! Love the bowl! You must miss them a wee bit I'm sure.

  2. I kept an old Twister mat for years because Po loved laying on it.

    My smallest cat weighs in at 8.4 pounds. Your sister's kitties must be little guys!