Thursday, 12 April 2012

There's a security street light that fills our night-time rooms with amber light, leaving no need for a night-lights.  Macular Degeneration has made Mom legally blind, and we never know exactly how much she sees.  It might be a shadow or colour--like telling me she likes my yellow tee shirt.  At night, a little light makes Mom feel more secure.  But with this street light about eight feet from our windows, there is no need for individual night lights in the room.

It had gone midnight (to this morning), and I was surprised that Mom was still awake.  But sometimes the prescription pain medication she takes will keep her awake and stimulated. 

I share her queen-sized bed and had just gotten comfortable, my own eyes closed. 

After a few seconds Mom says:  "Did you see that?"

"See what?" I ask, opening my eyes and look toward the door.  I'm thinking that she might be seeing one of the cats, as they take turns lying in the doorway.  But there was no cat there.

"That, over by the door."  She says, continuing to look.

"No, I don't see anything.  What did you see?"

"It looked like someone was standing there."

"Can you tell me what he looked like?"  I don't know why I said "he".  But I knew my sister was in bed. 

"No, not really--he had his back to me."  She explained.

I do believe in supernatural beings--angels and devils.  A few nights ago I walked into Mom's room and she had been scared.  My sister has often wondered if there was something about Mom's room that causes her to get agitated.  So, I did what any well taught, Born Again, Holy Spirit filled person would do--I prayed out loud.  I told God's Holy Protective Angels to stay and told Satan's dark angels to flee.  I prayed that the blood of Jesus would cover and protect us. 

After that, we both settled down and went to sleep. 

Sethra Rose
 This is Sethra Rose.  She is a small cat, and weighs about six pounds/15 kgs. 

Sissy brought her in last October because she was quite ill.  Originally, Sissy thought the kitten was a male kitten and named "him" Seth.  When Sissy took "Seth" to the vet because "he" was suffering from dehydration, a sever cold and infection, the vet told Sissy that "Seth" was actually a female--so "Seth" became "Sethra" 

She is so fiesty and would put her little paws under the bathroom door where she was quarentined from the other cats.  Hannah was very curious about these little paws, and they often played "pawsies." 

After about three weeks, Sissy finally let Sethra out into the flat/apartment.  She and Hannah became tight buddies.  You just never know what this cat is going to do next!  She actually bounces off the wall.  Think "Tigger" in "Winnie the Pooh"!

This is Sethra under the fake fiscus tree.   

I wish I had my camera with me all the time, because the cats are always doing something cute or funny. 

Yes, I have more photos to post. 

I hope some of them will bring a smile to your face.

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,

"Lady Helene"

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