Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Wind, Facebook and Postal Workshop

        The left over energy from Hurricane Irene has managed to reach our island country.  Last night the velocity of the wind increased and the temperatures dropped.  This morning the wind comes in great rolling gusts like ocean waves; battering, bending and pounding the trees, then rescinding into rippling, breeze-like gentleness.  One minute I expect tree limbs to be breaking off and falling, the next only the leaves are aflutter.  Along with the wind is rain—great splattering drops pounding against the windows. 
        Today the Langley Community Coffee shop resumed operation at the local library.  As I sat on the couch studying the weather, I had my doubts as to whether anyone would show up for the morning coffee and chat.  To my amazement, when My Midnight Man and I arrived, we found a full house.  Most of the folk who attend are over sixty—some even in their 80’s.  A few are younger who have retired or are homemakers.  It’s a nice mix, and for some of the attendees, the coffee shop is the only social interaction they get during the week.  Miss Amy, who is over 90, says she would have come even if it had been snowing—because she and Robert didn’t get visitors at home.  At the end of the morning, I overheard that 32 people had come for coffee.  Just goes to show that the threat of being blown away was not sufficient to stop the faithful.
        My Midnight Man and I had a day of being flummoxed by Facebook.  Imagine how our minds worked when after My Midnight Man had spent a week with his oldest daughter—“Chantilly”—and seeing his middle daughter—“Walley”—as well, coming across the following Facebook posting by “Walley”:
“I’m eighteen weeks and craving pickles.” 
The next day, My Midnight Man calls me into his office to look at this posting by “Chantilly” on Facebook:
“I’m twelve weeks and craving Twix.” 
Surely, if the girls were “in a family way” again they would have told him whilst he was with them. 
        On Monday evening (5th Sept.) “Chantilly” rang to ask about her dad, as she had just seen the blog about Midnight Man's Eye surgery.  I answered the phone, and she asked me how I was.
 “I’m okay.  The question is, How Are You?” 
She immediately laughed and said, “It’s a game!  It’s for ladies to post and not tell the men what it means.  You see what kind of remarks you get.”
“So you’re not pregnant!”  I confirmed.
“No, we’re not pregnant.”  She laughed. 
I laughed with her, delighted by the girls’ mischievousness and playful silliness.  Thankfully, My Midnight Man laughed at the “con”, but also laughed with a bit of relief.  It was good to know that the beloved daughters would not post such news on Facebook without telling us first. 
Once this post is published, I shall be working on Chapter Three of the book manuscript that I am wrestling with.  I belong to the Association of Christian Writers.  http://www.christianwriters.org.uk/
One of the resources of the association is the Postal and E-mail Workshops.  Up to five ACW members belong to a group and focus on a specific genre.  I belong to a group of four people who write fiction.  Writer Number One sends a manuscript to Writer Number Two.  Writer Number Two writes a critique, adds a piece of his/her own work and sends it to Writer Number Three.  Writer Number Three writes a critique for Writers Number One and Two, also adding a piece of his/her work and sends it on to the next writer.  The final group member sends all the manuscripts back to Writer Number One after writing critiques and submitting his/her work.  Writer Number One writes a critique for the others, takes out the first piece, puts in the next piece and sends it to W-N-Two.  The great thing about this group is that it keeps me motivated—the need to have a new piece (chapter or two) to send on is a nagging little encouragement to keep at it.  We pray for each other as well. 
I’ve heard the song “He Who Began A Good Work” sung by Steve Green twice today on www.allworship.com.  My heart was greatly encouraged, because it gave me the confidence to know that I can get this book re-written and take the next step.  The song is based on Philippians 1:6  “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” 
I hope you will all take heart and cooperate with the good work that God has called you to—never giving up on your dreams.
Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,  “Lady Helene”

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