Saturday, 3 September 2011

Racoon eyes!

        What a way to start the new month!  There was a phone call on the 31st August from the Eye clinic in Windsor.  The call was for My Midnight Man (MMM).  The Eye clinic had a cancellation and wanted to know if MMM wanted to take the appointment for the next day.  “Take it!” I encouraged him.  After all, any medical procedure usually takes weeks to get scheduled and then even four to six weeks after that for any treatment to be received.  Equally, MMM’s classes through Open University are due to start and having a surgical procedure only a few weeks into his studies would be detrimental.  Working out the details of getting to the hospital would have to be sorted after MMM accepted the offer and hung up.
        MMM was willing to use public transport to get to the hospital over five miles away.  But he would need help getting home.  The problem is that MMM hates feeling like an imposition—especially if it seems that the only time we ring people is if we need a lift somewhere.  There are times when not having our own transportation is a real irritation! 
        The alarm clock went off at 5:30 am on Thursday morning.  MMM groaned.  I sighed—knowing that both of us would rather just go back to sleep.  “You’ve got a bus to catch.”  I murmured to my beloved.  “Oh yes, thank you.”  Appreciating the explanation as to why the alarm was sounding at such an unusually early hour. 
        MMM got up and about fifteen minutes later comes back to me.  “My Darling, when you asked me yesterday if I wanted you to come with me, did you WANT to come with me?” 
        “It’s okay, you talked me out of it.  It would be a long day if you have to stay four or five hours after the surgery.  Plus it would be an extra expense of a bus ticket for me.”
        “ Okay.  Just thought I’d ask.”
        MMM kissed me good bye before he left, and I drifted off to sleep.  About 7:30 a.m. the phone rang.  I scrambled out of bed to answer it, knowing it was probably MMM.  Sure enough, he rang to let me know he had misunderstood the instructions.  The total time he would be at the Eye clinic was approximately five hours—being released shortly after the operation.  I would have to organise a lift home sooner than expected.
        St. Mary’s has a pastoral care team, and I knew that probably someone on the team would be available to give MMM a lift home.  Our dear friend, Mrs. Tr., quickly assured me that she could give me a lift to Windsor to bring MMM home. 
        Mrs. Tr. Is a very active volunteer with Berkshire County Blind Society.  With her years of experience of assisting blind and visually impaired folk, she was well qualified to help us.  Within minutes of Mrs. Tr. And myself presenting ourselves to the reception of the Prince Charles Eye Clinic, MMM was rolled out of the surgical theatre.  Both eyes were bandaged over, blocking any vision. 
Thursday evening--post op.
        My Midnight man had undergone a procedure called blepharoplasty—the removal of superfluous skin above the eye.  Hooded eyes can be caused by the natural drooping or sagging of eye lids as a person ages.  MMM’s eyelids has drooped sufficiently that it was interfering with his vision. 
        Because the operation was done under a local anaesthetic, My Midnight Man was surprised that the surgical staff didn’t discuss the technicalities of the procedure whilst working.  Instead they discussed hobbies, the weather and even the grocery list.  Even more amusing was the fact that MMM joined in the discussion!  J
        After having some tea and a slice of toast, MMM was allowed to leave, with a bag of eye drops and ointment.  In the bag was a set of instructions about cleaning the wounds, applying the drops and contact numbers in case of an emergency.  The nurse pushed the wheel chair and Mrs. Tr. and I followed. 
With eyes closed--Saturday
        My Midnight Man is many things, including impatient and independent.  Mrs. Tr. guided him to the end of the fence, instructing him to wait until I could get out of the car and help him upstairs.  Of course, that didn’t happen.  MMM guided himself to the front door by feeling the fence posts.  Not content to “show off” with that, he even managed to find the electronic release for the front door and get it open.  I did guide him to the stairs and up he went on his own. 
        The rest of the afternoon, MMM dozed—first on the couch and then on the bed. 
        My idea of having pancakes for dinner was scuppered when I realized that MMM would have to use his hands to eat instead of utensils, as he couldn’t see.  So it was a sandwich day. 
        Friday was a very busy day for me:  up at 7:00 a.m. to take my daily meds; dress and walk down to the doctors’ surgery (office) by 7:40 to schedule an appointment for MMM with Dr. Asaad. (To get an appointment on the day, one has to be at the doctor’s office before 8:00 a.m. to stand in line.  The doors open at 8:00 am.)  Back home, I removed the dressings from MMM’s eyes, cleaned them and put in the liquid antibiotics.  I ate a bowl of cereal then hurried out the door to work. 
        I’m supposed to work from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays.  But on Friday I kept myself busy until almost 12:00 in the office and then had to go to the church.  A wedding was scheduled for the 2nd of September and I had to fill in the register books—a set of four!  So it was almost 1:00 pm by the time I finished.  Time to go home and put more drops into the sore and tender eyes of my husband.
Saturday--eyes opened!
        By the time I arrived home, MMM was wearing his bruises like a masked crusader!  The colours change from red, to purple and I’m sure in a couple of days they will be kind of yellowish.  In the mean time, I’m sure we will both be on the receiving end of teasing—me being asked what I did to my husband, and MMM being asked what he did to deserve such treatment. 
        Each time I look at him, I think of our honeymoon!  We had racoons visit our hotel room in Clifty Falls State Park in Indiana.  You know, some men will go to a lot of trouble to perform romantic gestures.  I don’t think My Midnight Man’s intentions were to create a “starry-eyed” ambiance at home when he went for the surgery.  Yet, inadvertently he accomplished this by stirring my tender-hearted, nurturing feelings.  Well, except when he was irritating me with his independence!  Still, how can I resist a man who makes racoon eyes at me? 
Serving Jesus, Author of our faith, “Lady Helene”

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  1. you can actually see your eyes properly now dad! i was explaining to chris that before you had droopy eyes a bit like Alfie as a puppy and then he understood, he said he never noticed before! praying for a speedy recovery for you! and for your test results Daletta xxx