Monday, 24 October 2011

Autumn thoughts!

        What do you get when you mix a bit of laziness, a bit of pre-occupation, a bit of busyness, a bit of fatigue and days that follow each other too quickly?  It’s more like what one doesn’t get—a blog posting!  But with the kind and strong encouragement, mixed with some very gentle chastisement, from a good friend, I have here to fill the screen with what I HOPE will be your reading pleasure! 
        My last blog was written and posted on 6th September—nearly seven weeks ago!  Wow! 
        My Midnight Man’s eyes are healed up now; there are barely any scares.  He is happy with being able to see more clearly, but thinks that perhaps a millimetre or more off his right eye would have been good. 
        Whilst August turned out to be the coolest weather for over 18 years, September experienced the most glorious Indian summer—and had record breaking temperatures through the end of the month into October.  The heat truly confused nature, as bushes put forth spring-time flowers on their limbs; the harvest for blackberries extended from August until October.  (We are still picking berries from a vine near us!)  The tomatoes responded enthusiastically to all the heat and we’ve had lots of little, sweet tomatoes.  I even had one little pepper on the pepper plants.  That was a very late result. 
Our beets on the left--big garden beets on right!
        I’ve stopped watering all the plants now.  I need to wrap the geranium though, as I don’t want it to die.  However, we had a nice collection of small, even tiny carrots and tiny beet root.  Seeing the end result did convince me that my decision to not plant vegetables next year was correct. 
        On 15th September I returned to the nephrologist.  She said that all my tests came back clear.  My fatigue and other symptoms were not caused by the kidney problems.  I found this very frustrating.  However, I have been scheduled for a kidney biopsy on Monday 7th November at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.  It will be done out-patient under local anaesthetic.  I will be observed for a couple of hours to make sure there are no complications.  The biopsy is needed to determine how the kidney is functioning and what treatment will be appropriate. 
Last of the Carrots!  Cute, aren't they!
        Apples have been more than plentiful this year.  The last week of August I was given two carrier bags with apples.  They were from friends who have apple trees in their gardens.  I didn’t want them to go off, so I peeled and cooked them and then bottled it.  It’s great to have homemade applesauce on hand.  The first week of October the harvest continued and I asked for some more apples from the vicarage garden.  I’d make crumble, and apple sauce, but no apple pies.  I had a craving for apple pie.  
        Reading other blogs, being around other home bakers, I’d heard about a pie crust recipe that used vinegar.  I’d never used this type of pastry before and I wanted to give it a go, so I found a recipe on the internet.  I must report that I did not follow the recipe exactly, so I’m not sure I actually liked the recipe.  I will give it another go before I make a final decision.  The pies were delicious, although I missed the crispy result of the recipe I use as standard.  The pies did look pretty though! 
        The Alpha Course has begun at St. Mary’s again, and My Midnight Man and I have had the privilege of serving two Monday nights.  I cooked for the first week—a nice big cottage pie—great comfort food!
        Many of you—probably most of you, know that Mom was placed into hospital at the beginning of October.  She is now receiving physiotherapy in the rehabilitation centre.  My sister reports incremental progress on a daily basis.  Mom’s memory has been affected because of the severe infection she had—but I’m not sure if it was a urinary tract infection or something more complicated.  Anyway, I have truly experienced the peace that passes understanding as God has heard your many prayers. 
        I hope to write more over the next couple of days. 
        May the Lord’s blessings overflow to you. 
Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,  “Lady Helene”

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  1. Those pies look fabulous! Did you try the recipe again? Never heard of one using vinegar ... Hope yr Mum is still making good progress xo Love from Carrie-Anne xo