Saturday, 4 June 2011

Too many antibiotics I think...

        Four days into the month of June and I’ve only just turned the calendar page today.  Soon it will be the 21st, which is the longest day in the northern hemisphere and the shortest day in the southern hemisphere.  The only thing shorter than a day in December (NH), is my list of accomplishments.  I wish I could find the key to energizing myself, have lots of disciple and focus. 
        Since starting my job as the Parish Administrator, I have been walking more.  And one usually finds this beneficial, gaining muscle tone, strength and stamina.  However, it doesn’t seem to have affected me in this way.  The 15 minute walk is still a struggle, and I have to push myself along, plodding each step of the way.  I was beginning to think this tiredness is because I’ve become so overweight. 
        In previous years when I’ve been overweight, I would get to the point that I just couldn’t stand it and would find ways to increase my fitness levels.  Now, it seems no matter how hard I try, there is no progress.  Yet, the doctors don’t seem to know why I’m fatigued.
        Last month I had to go onto antibiotics because of a kidney infection—the second one in two-and-a-half months.  I hadn’t even finished that prescription when I started a different antibiotic for an inner-ear infection. 
        I love merry-go-round rides; but not when it’s happening inside my head.  So I went to the doctor telling him of my dizziness and balance problems.  A little exam, and hello—inner ear infection!  Suddenly the head-aches, ringing in my ears, and light-headedness all made sense. 
        So, maybe it’s the prolonged use of different antibiotics creating this energy deficient which is impeding my progress. 
        In the midst of the frustration, there are many blessings.  I am truly enjoying my job as the parish administrator.  It’s a pleasure and joy to serve the clergy, the public and the church.  I’m slowly learning the details of the job and how to approach them. 
        I recently was asked to re-format the weekly news sheet.  I wasn’t sure how much changing was needed at first.  But as I prayed about it and studied it, I realized that the information for the service was in three different places.  So it made sense to move it all onto the back page.  The weekly diary went inside, as well as posting of upcoming events, informational boxes and contact information.  The contact information went from the back page to the front page.  The first edition of the changed format was about 75% better.  The feed back from several people let me know what changes were liked and what changes needed tweaking.  Hence, the contacts went onto the front page, and a couple of other minor shifts and there you have it!
Chest Protector/Dickey
        The week of 23rd May, My Midnight Man and I spent four hours a day sitting with a friend’s 90-year-old mother.  This was a pleasant task—primarily keeping Mrs. P. Company, making tea and assisting her in other little ways.  What made this task difficult was that it was a 20 minute walk one way.  I didn’t realize until Thursday evening that I was fighting an inner-ear infection.  However, God was really good to me.  On Thursday afternoon my Son-in-law showed up just as I was about to leave.  He gave me a lift.  And he also provided a lift on Friday.  I was also able to get quite a bit of knitting done, which pleased me a great deal; another Christmas gift half-way done.
At certain moments I did feel as though I’d taken on too much—between my job and being a companion.  But my motives were based on love.  First, I thought of my Mom—and since I couldn’t help my Mom it was a pleasure to look after someone else’s Mum.  Secondly, I know that if you plant a seed, you will reap a harvest.  I was planting a seed by helping Mrs. P, believing that God would see my heart and actions and send help to my Mom and Sister.  Thirdly, having helped provide respite breaks for my sister, I know the true value a break can mean to care-givers.  We knew how much our friend needed a break, so it was satisfying to my soul to know that being part of the team to look after Mrs. P was a true help.  My Midnight Man and I know that our help was appreciated, and we were delighted we could be of service. 
I suppose, all things considered, perhaps I’m being a bit unnecessarily critical of myself.  I haven’t accepted that right now I am hampered by life’s many complications.  After all, 1Thessalonians 5:17 says: “In everything give thanks for this is the will of Christ Jesus concerning you.”  I suppose it’s time I went and “preached myself happy.”
Thanks for reading...Lady Helene


  1. Now you can understand why I found caregiving work in the eldercare field to be so rewarding. I once sat with an extremely elderly lady (late 90s) who was sure that the TV was really a window, and that the people on the TV were peering into her room. She was also a pastor's wife, and we had a number of conversations about faith and the bible as she would sit and read while I was there. I've also had the privilege twice of sitting with someone as they crossed from this life to the next. The first was while I was on the job; the second, I sent my friends home to get some rest and volunteered to stay with his dying father overnight, so they could sleep. As a result, he was not alone when he passed, even though his son and daughter-in-law were not there. To sit in companionship is a high calling; hospice is even more so, I think. While I work in the office now, some days I really miss being out in the field and interacting with clients.

  2. My poor, dear friend. I hope you are more comfortable now and haved triumphed over your maladies. Have you considered giving up wheat and sugar altogether ? Olive oil is very good for us 'mature'ladies and garlic is a natural antibiotic.
    Go Continental. Have fun. xx Wendy