Friday, 24 June 2011 did what?

I fell off of my bike Wednesday.  You know, it hurts more when one is 52 years old than it did at 12 years old.  Rain made the road slick and the bike simply skidded along the driveway curb instead of rolling onto the sidewalk.  The only damage to me was a severely skinned left leg, as the rain kept my hands from being skinned as well.  A lovely young lady came along to help me, picking up my bike, whilst I picked up myself.  I was able to cycle home.  My Midnight Man put the bike away—which had no damage to speak of—and I hobbled up the stairs.  A well-placed ice pack brought the swelling in my leg down, and there is only a faint bruise today.  I praise the Lord “the falling off the bike” is now over.  And I’m not even stiff or sore. 
Some of you may wonder:  “When did she get a bike?”  Good question.  And the good answer is, about the 27th May.  It’s a wonderful tool to help me expedite my duties as the parish administrator.  I am very grateful to the generous benefactors who contributed towards its purchase. 
With a second bike in the household a question arose as to where to store them.  My Midnight Man has kept his upstairs in our bedroom.  But I just simply don’t have the strength to carry my bike up-and-down the stairs.  So, with the help of our two grandsons, the storage closet downstairs was cleared out. 
Then My M. Man’s best friend, “Jon-David,” came over a few days later.  The main entrance was filled with the sounds of saws buzzing and hammers pounding, and the smell of saw dust.  Using some recycled wood, they created shelves in the storage closet.  This made more storage space and the bikes were moved into their “stable” downstairs.  Now I have a job to go through several containers and discover if there is anything of which I can rid myself.  
One of those boxes is filled with items from our wedding.  Since our youngest daughter is getting married next year, I want to offer her to opportunity to go through it with me.  Books are a large part of the bookshelves are needed in this flat. 
Bean Blossom
Tomato blossoms
My little balcony garden is growing, albeit some warmth would truly help the garden.  We had our summer in April this year; it was so warm every window in the flat was open.  I even wore my summer pyjamas.  May was windy, as we experienced the leftovers from the tornados in the USA.  It’s been cool and showery since then.  However, I’m still excited in that the bean plants now have one purple blossom and the tomatoes are giving me lots of little yellow blossoms.  There are a couple of strawberries and the carrots and beet root seem to be flourishing.  I’m not sure of how much harvest to expect, as the buckets hold small amounts.  But since I love growing things, I’m glad to have them.  I’ve about decided that next year’s planting will be flowers—edible ones if I can find some.
I’ve also spent some time sewing.  But that is for another blog.  I hope to finish the apron project on Saturday.  Once finished, I’ll write another post.
Serving Jesus, Author of our faith, “Lady Helene”

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  1. A case of 'the cycling gardener', it would seem. :-)