Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A doppelganger

        The word doppelganger is a fun-sounding word of German origin which, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary means “a ghostly counterpart of a living person.”  Now apparently everyone has a doppelganger or double in this world.  I’d be very surprised if someone has not said to you: “You look like someone I know, his/her name is _______.”  This recently happened to me.
        My friend, “Calla” sent me an e-mail about a recent social evening she attended with her husband.  They live in a village not far from Basingstoke, where they moved to last December.  They’ve found an active community where they have planted a new allotment garden, found the local Catholic Church and also started taking ballroom dance lessons. 
        So far they’ve managed to learn the cha-cha-cha, jive, rumba no.1, salsa and waltz.  On Saturday, 25th June, there was a social evening at the local community hall.  The entertainment included a demonstration by a “young pair of amateur dancers who have endless accolades of championships and prizes under their belts.”  “Calla” said it was like being at a live performance of “Strictly Come Dancing.”   

She described it so well, it made me wish I had been there.  However, whilst I wasn’t, apparently my doppelganger was!  My friend told me that this woman was my height, the same body shape, grey hair, wore glasses and looked like me.   However, she differed in that her feet are bigger than my (UK) size 3 (US) size 5 1/2, she did not have an American accent, and she had more energy than I do!  According to “Calla” the woman was an accomplished dancer, probably from an advanced group. 
        There have been a few conversations over the years between My Midnight Man and me about taking ballroom dance classes.  However, we haven’t got the extra cash in the budget to join a class.  And I don’t think there are any classes in the area we live in.  But maybe one day we will get to.  In the meantime, I’m sure my doppelganger will keep dancing the night away.  

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,  "Lady Helene"

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  1. We met Larry's the second year after we moved to Indiana. We/they were both attending the Bill Gothard event in Indy. We got up during a break and upon returning, I thought I spied Larry sitting up about 5 rows, and talking to some lady I didn't recognize. I called out and he ignored me. I was starting to get a little miffed when MY Larry actually appeared by my side. He couldn't believe his eyes either. So at the next break, we both ran to meet this guy. Talk about twins! They had same height, weight, coloring,beard, hair style. Even sounded the same. We took pictures and got names and addresses, but the pictures never came out and we lost the other info. So... somewhere in Indiana is another identical Larry. Wonder if he has the arthritis and other health problems MY Larry has? Wonder if he still has a job, too? And kids? Grandkids. Makes one wonder...
    Carol B