Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Unwritten pages...

                        Children of the 1950’s to the 1970’s are familiar with vinyl records that were played at 33 or 45 rounds-per-minute on turn-tables with diamond-tipped needles on the end of an arm.  If the record player got shaken, or the arm bumped, the needle skipped and skidded across the records, sometimes scratching them, but not playing the recorded material.  That’s how I feel about the days of un-written blogs—my arms got knocked and my blogging time got skipped over.  The material I want to write is still in my head, but the pages were left unwritten. 
                        In part, I have been distracted by learning my new duties as parish administrator.  Any time a person starts a new job, the learning curve is intense—learning where to look for information, methods of doing certain tasks, who to ask and establishing new routines.  The first couple of weeks the extra activities took all my energy—but it was a good tired.
Paris Market Atlas carrots
                        My balcony garden is providing me with pleasure—as the seeds have released the life within them and small green shoots are popping up through the compost.  I now have spinach, beet root, carrots, bean plants and sunflowers up.  Before Easter week, My Midnight Man brought home bags of new compost, a spray bottle, and Paris Market Atlas carrot seeds!  They are small and round, instead of thin and long.  MMM thought they were a good choice as my containers are only about 30 inches (45 cm) deep.  I will have to do some transplanting in the next day or two.
                        I’ve learned that although using cardboard egg cartons seems like a good idea, they really are NOT deep enough to use for starting seedlings.  So, chalk this up to another lesson learned and “What NOT to do next year.”  However, I am sure they would make good compost. 
                        I’ve been playing a little bit with the new “free motion” foot on my sewing machine.  It will take some practice, but I’m hoping to build my skill to proficiently write names on material.  That will be great fun for making Christmas presents.
"Seamstress Supreme" wearing an outfit she made
                        In 2008 I spent a week with my oldest sister-in-law, “Seamstress Supreme”, whose sewing and garment making skills border on professional.  The plan was that I would spend a week with her, and we would sew during the days, and socialise in the evening.  Well...we did manage to each get a garment cut out, and started.  However, we actually spent more time out and about, enjoying the weather and each other’s company than we did on our projects.  The project of my selection was a waistcoat and pair of trousers—neither of which got finished.  It’s been tucked away in my sewing box, awaiting the time and inspiration to bring them to completion.  The time is now.  Having gained some weight, I’ve had to add a gusset on either side of the waistcoat so that it will fit.  It felt good guiding the material under the presser foot, seeing the garment become wearable.  Though good progress was made on Tuesday (26th), it still isn’t finished.  I am hoping the waistcoat will be finished by this weekend so I can wear it Sunday.  Although delayed, the gratification of a finished project is often inspiration for me to start another.
                        I really missed blogging the past two weeks—the since of accomplishment that came with posting every-day or nearly everyday.  From reading other blogs and books about blogging, I’ve learned that the more posts I write, the chances of my readership increases.  I also know that I have more readers than official followers.  I’ve had so many people give me verbal encouragement, letting me know what they enjoy about the blogs I write. 
                        Favourite passages of the Bible come alive in my mind when I take time to meditate on them.  As I was reading Ephesians 1:11-12, (having been predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will) I had a picture of a blue print created by God, for my life.  I don’t understand why I daily fight fatigue.  Yet I do believe that the circumstances I battle through have the affect of bringing me into His design (blue-print) and bringing my life into agreement and harmony with His divine purposes.  Just like a bird that has to chip away at the shell, or the butterfly has to fight its way out of the cocoon, that which I push against will make me grow stronger.  The passion to fly creates the drive to break free.  Yet, without the resistance, little wings would not grow strong and creatures of the air would never soar. 
                        Passion to help, to serve, to write, to create are the things that keep me pressing on to cooperate with the doctors to find why blood and protein are present in my urine.  The desire to see the purpose of His will manifest in my life, keep me plodding along, resting and recharging when my body requires.     
King David wrote “...all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” Psalm 139:16.  I have many unread pages to my story, many adventures yet to be experienced.  But it is my hope and prayer that I will find a way to develop a more consistent pattern of posting. 
Serving Jesus, Author of our faith, "Lady Helene"

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