Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday Reflections

        Today is 3rd April, and it’s actually Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom.  One of the scripture readings for today’s worship service was from Luke, chapter one.  The Arch Angel, Gabriel, visits Mary with message of grace and favour: she is to be the mother to Jesus.  Her reply is, “Be it unto me according to Thy will.”  
I was chatting with one of my “British Surrogate Mum’s” after the service.  She made this remark to me:  “I finally figured out why we celebrate Mothering Sunday at this time of year.  It’s because nine months from now is Christmas, when Jesus‘s birthday is celebrated.  I only put the pieces together today.”  Wow!  I had never considered that before—but it does make sense. 
        Also today, along with other church announcements, the Vicar informed St. Mary’s Langley’s congregation that the Parish now has a new administrator—specifically calling my name out.  There was general approval expressed with many well wishers congratulating me after the service.  I am very excited about this new change.
        Even the weather is blessing the Mother’s of the area with warm breezes and bright skies—even with the clouds. 
I’d also like to share with you the prayer for the day, as included in the Sunday service:

“God of compassion, 
Whose Son Jesus Christ,
the child of Mary, 
share the life of a home in Nazareth, 
and on the cross drew 
the whole human family to Himself; 
strengthen us in our daily living 
that in joy and in sorrow 
we may know the power of Your Presence
to bind together and to heal; 
through Jesus Christ 
Your Son, our Lord.   

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