Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Needing inspiration

Family 2004--My Midnight Man's 50th Birthday
In the photo:
  Back row L to R:  MMM's Brother-In-Law, "Mr. D."; MMM's Oldest Sister--"Seamstress Supreme", Oldest Daughter, "Lacy Chantilley", youngest daughter "Floss", Nephew--"DJ Dave"; Middle daughter "Wally"
Middle Row:  "Wally's" Daughter, "Tinkie", Me, My Midnight Man.  
Bottom Row:  "Lacy's" oldest son, "Bell-Man"  "Lacy's" third son, "Beau", "Wally's" oldest son, "Cam" and "Lacy's" 2nd son, "JamO'vr"
      Most days when I come into my studio/office, I check my e-mails and then log onto my blog.  I take the time to read the blogs I’m following and I truly get inspired.  Even though I’m creative, I find I still need lots of inspiration and encouragement. 
        Over eight years ago, my life transformed in one day.  That day was 18th January.  That was the day I went from being an "Over-forty Singleton" to a "Married Woman with four step-children and eight grandchildren".  OH MY GOODNESS!  These were people I needed to get to know and love—and hoped they would grow to love me.  Now we do know each other better and have grown to love each other.  Our family has also grown in numbers.  We now have fourteen grandchildren.
        With a large family, I need a lot of inspiration, as Christmas is something I like to work towards by making the gifts myself.  And since my sewing machine is beginning to be a new passion, I want to find just the right ideas for Christmas presents. 
        My Step-Son, who is lovingly referred to as “Noddy”, is married to a lovely Finnish “Girl” and they live in Finland with their five daughters and one son.  I need to get cracking with those presents now, as they will have to be shipped by slow-boat and need plenty of time to arrive before Christmas. 
        My oldest step-daughter, “Lacy Chantilly”, is married to “Mr. Biz” and they live south of us.  They have four boys and one girl. 
        The second step-daughter, “”Wally”, is engaged to “Gaz” and they live about 10 miles from “Lacy and Mr. Biz.”  “Wally and Gaz” have a daughter and two sons. 
        The youngest step-daughter, “Floss” is engaged to “Harry.”  They got engaged last December.
        Now December is a very “happening” month for this family.  First of all, all three of my beautiful step-daughters were born in December.  My Midnight Man proposed to me on Boxing Day, 2001, so we celebrate a little anniversary then.  Now “Floss and Harry” also have a December anniversary.  And finally there is Christmas. 
        Sewing, knitting, crocheting productions need to be stepped up.  I’m not a fast knitter or seamstress.  But, if I plan by projects and abide by my plan, then I should be able to get everything done that I want to.   Will I have the disciple, energy, persistence to succeed?  Only time will tell.  I am hoping love will keep me motivated and blogging will keep me inspired. 
        Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,  “Lady Helene”


  1. I won't even tell you how far behind I am on my crib cover projects....

  2. You are such an inspiring lady Dalletta. Miss you xx

  3. ahh! i really like your blogs! love lacy!