Monday, 6 August 2012

Ironic circumstances

In May, whilst writing about line-drying clothes, I wrote:  “It could be worse, I know.  At least The Maverick isn’t asking me to wash all the clothes by hand in our bath tub! “ 
Little did I know that might become an eventuality;  not The Maverick asking me stomp the dirt out of the dirty laundry in a tub of hot water.  Rather, the need to use the bath tub for laundry purposes.                   
In July I was busy taking some dry shirts off of the clothes line, when I heard the washing machine begin labouring during a spin cycle.  A loud bang was followed by clunking.  OH MY!  I immediately stopped the machine, took out the load of washed whites and put them into the dryer.  I had a feeling the washer had just ended its life of productivity.  If we were blessed, it would be something like a belt snapping.
I told The Maverick the news upon his arrival home from work.  (Work—what a lovely word.)  We had plans to go out that evening, so he couldn’t examine it until a day or two later.  It turned out that the exam turned out to be an autopsy.  The part to repair it would cost as much as a new machine.  The machine was about twenty years old.
Jon-David, (Maverick’s best friend) came and recovered the motor.  He’s blessed with mechanical skills and saves useful parts.  
The Maverick made the mission of shopping for a new machine his homework and spent almost two weeks scouring the internet to find a high-quality machine with the best price.  On 27th July he placed the order from an on-line business.  With hope, we had expected the new one today (6th August).  A phone with a sales person of the business told The Maverick that from the date of order, it would be seven to ten working days.  Since they didn’t have the particular make and model in stock, they had to order it from the warehouse.  Deliveries are made to our particular area on Tuesdays.  SO, it looks like we have another week without a washing machine. 
Our daughter, “Floss” said we could take any washing we need over to her place; Maverick took a load of necessary things over last Wednesday.  And so far, I haven’t felt desperate enough to throw any of the mounting garments into the bathtub.  A little patience and another week and I’ll putting a new machine through it’s paces—or is that its spin cycles! 
Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,
Lady Helene


  1. I am without our trusty steed, seeing it is upon the Emerald Isle with my kith and kin, but when it returns to the stable, we have machines here and I'm willing to add laundry driver to my other titles.


  2. Hey hope you've got your new machine up & running by now :-)