Thursday, 7 July 2011

What to do next?

        A gentle rain is now falling.  By the time I post this, the showers will probably have stopped.  It’s overcast today, with showers expected off and on all day.  As for me, well, I’m trying to make some decisions about what to do next.
        I’ve finally gotten back to writing on my Book in A Month project, writing on Chapter Two.  I want to get that finished because I know that I shall be receiving a packet from the Association of Christian Writers Postal Workshop, to which I belong.  There are four of us now.  Each of us sends a piece we want critiqued/given feedback on.  When the packet comes to me, I will read the three other pieces for my workshop friends and write out comments and suggestions for each one.  I put those readings back into the envelope, add a new piece I want critiqued and then post it to the next person. 
        I’ve not met any of the people in the group face-to-face.  But we send e-mails and little personal notes in the post with the creative writing.  I would really enjoy meeting the others in the group, but that will require a car, or a bit of finance to take the trains.  Maybe I should invite them here for an afternoon!
        Now that I’ve completed the aprons, I have lots of options for sewing.  When one is spoilt for choice, it can be confusing.  I have at least four handbag projects to make—Christmas presents. .  I also have ideas for sewing for the grandchildren—so maybe I need to make a list.   I purchased five new clothing patterns, so need to pick one and get started on that.  Here are my choices. 
        The other thing I could work on today is the Parish new sheet for the week of the 17th.  The news sheet for this coming Sunday is nearing I like to get started on the next one early.  But I have a feeling I won’t be working on it during the day today...maybe tomorrow.
        This afternoon I am meeting with my prayer partner.  We always have lots to pray about.  Thursday is our usual day for meeting.  But we do keep flexible. 
        So, have I made any decisions?  I’ll probably work on the book for a while.  I’m supposed to be writing four pages a day.  And this page doesn’t count!  So, I’d better get on with my day.
        I hope you aren’t overwhelmed by too many choices!
Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,
Lady Helene

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