Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Make over with a Twist

        “Born to Party” stated the flyer.  To raise money and support for Save the Children, a family from church threw a party.  Saturday, 2nd July was sunny, warm, the perfect day for an afternoon in a beautiful English back garden.  The front garden hosted a bouncy castle.  The back garden was organised with various stalls; one for a grill for burgers and sausages, another covered stall for a curry buffet, another side held a canopy for a raffle stand; under the trees were stands for cakes and coffee; and on the patio next to a tree was the face-painting station.  A few steps away from the face painting table was a book and soft toy stall.  There was also a stand selling jams, and plants. 
        Children from toddlers to teenagers made good use of a trampoline in one corner and a jungle gym in another corner.  The jungle gym was like a wooden fortress with a climbing wall, swings, ropes and even perches with windows to look out from. 
        My Midnight Man and I were given a lift to the party by the vicar and his wife.  When we decided to go to the party, I had in mind one of the things I wanted to do.  However, I didn’t carry out my plan immediately.  I was instantly captivated by the book stall.  Within five minutes I’d purchased two books.  Had it not been rude, I think I would have gone and found a quiet corner to read! 
        Whilst My Midnight Man was purchasing walnut and coffee cake for me, I was sitting at a table contemplating a make-over.  There was a book of different styles and colours to pick from.  The make-over was very economical—only £1.00.  My turn came and I sat very still while the artist worked.  Yes, I had my face painted—a make-over with a twist.
        At the church barbeque in May our dear friend, Frank, who was well into his 80’s, had demonstrated how young-at –heart he was and had his face painted.  Well, if Frank could, I could! 
        I picked a butterfly because of the lovely colours.  Also, my Mom loves butterflies.  I’m sending an e-mail to her with the photo attached. 
        The party was well attended, raising a good deal of money for Save the Children.  Besides the two books, my purchases included a geranium, two marigold plants, a burger for lunch, a cupcake and cookie for dessert and some raffle tickets.  I even won a raffle prize.   
        My Midnight Man and I were glad we went.

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith, "Lady Helene"

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