Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sharing Colours

There are times when our vision is limited.  Common imagination probably thinks about blackness inhibiting us from seeing things--a moonless night, an unlit cave, a closed up room with undrawn curtains.  But there can be "white-blindness"--thick, cold, fog seeping with dampness.  Today we could not see across the street, let along down the road.  

These foggy days are usually during season changes.  In spring the ground, still frozen, gives up the moisture as the sun warms the air.  In the Autumn the ground releases the steam as the cold winds and rainsbegin their work, plunging all nature into the descent of winter's freezing sleep.  And both season are beautiful in their own time.

Today, when I took Maisy out before going to church, I was surrounded by leaves dripping with collected moisture.  The fog chilled my face, although the morning was mild.  My eyes feasted on the overnight work of what could have been an army of spiders.  The hegde rows were strung with all sized and shaped spider webs.  They were strung with water-drop jewels, and in three webs I saw a spider in residence.

These spider webs are fascinating as well as beautiful.  I am sure artists, architects and engineers took instruction as well as inspiration from studying the surprisingly solid structures of fine gossimer threads.  

The colours here have been bright, crisp and intense.  I just had to take some photos over the last few weeks and share the pleasure I've experienced with you. 
Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,

"Lady Helene"

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