Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Back from the sick bed. :-)

        It was never intended that five weeks should go by without me writing a blog.  But it happened...
        The Maverick began complaining of a sore throat about the Tuesday after the Jubilee weekend (5th of June.)  He struggled with it a few days, and it began to clear up.  But not before he’d managed to share it with me.  Unfortunately, because my immune system isn’t as strong as it could be, when I get a sinus complaint, the virus usually manages to migrate to my chest.  Bronchitis is not fun and I felt like my lungs were being ripped out.  After ringing the doctor’s office, I was given antibiotics and spent from 9th June to the 17th sleeping on the couch and watching television. 
        After recovering, I was busy with doing the layout for the community magazine, Around Langley.  It’s a 20-page magazine produced by the local churches for the people of the village of Langley.  I work with Mr. B., the editor, and do the lay-out in a publisher format.  Then I save it to a PDF format for the printers. 
The Maverick--Ally--Me
        The Maverick and I had some good news on 12th June.  Grandchild number Fifteen was born.  Our youngest daughter, Flossie, gave birth to a little girl—Ally.  She is very sweet, and some of you may have seen her on Facebook. 
        Just as I was beginning to feel really good, I woke up on Wednesday, 27th June with a urinary tract infection.  By Thursday my right kidney was giving me grief, and my bladder was aching as well.  I saw the nurse, who was able to get the doctor’s signature on a prescription for a penicillin derivative.  Within 24 hours my pain was gone, but so was all my energy.  The antibiotics left me lethargic, and tired.  I was glad to finish that course of tablets/pills. 
Lolly's Kimono
        I was supposed to activate the presser foot on my sewing machine.  But I didn’t—I got enticed by my knitting needles.  The result is a pink and white kimono for my granddaughter Lolly.  I was pleased with the way it turned out. 
        I’ve decided to start a second blog, this one called May Woman-November Girl.  It’s about my relationship with my Mom and things we did together.  After getting overwhelmed by remembering all she had invested into me, I thought that it deserved a blog of its own.  So, be looking for those updates as well. 
        The Maverick is a very happy man, as he has begun paid employment again.  His body is still in shock at having to get up at “stupid” o’clock in the morning so he can get to work on time. 
        I’m keeping this blog short, just letting you know what’s been going on with The Maverick and me.  I’ve had lots of other thoughts over the past five weeks, things I want to share.  However, they will be better in separate posts. 
Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,

“Lady Helene”


  1. I am so pleased that you are getting back on top of it all:).

  2. Good to have you back again. We R in Indiana again, staying with Shawn until after the wedding Aug, 5th. Rob & Rosie are also here in the wee trailer. It's going to be the Indiana version of Casa de Tres Leches + British friends - Tea and Crumpets come the 1st of August.