Wednesday, 28 March 2012


 This is Syeman.  He is the first in the family.  My Sister got him ten years ago. 

Syeman can be a bit of curmudgeon at times.  When he doesn't want to be bothered, a throaty rumble eminates from him as he walks down the hall, hoping to find his favourite hiding place in the closet. 

Sometimes the complaining is just pretend, as if he has a reputation to keep up! 

Syeman is a huge fellow, almost 20 pounds.  But he is built solid, as well as being burly.  I often tell my sister he reminds me of the actor Sebastion Cabot ( 

His fur is luxurious, soft and thick.  He will let you rub his tummy--as long as he thinks it's his idea. 

If ever a cat was a pacifist, it is Syeman.  He will fuss and hiss--but isn't aggresive. 

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,
Lady Helene

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