Thursday, 3 November 2011

God is into the details!

        So many times in my life, I have seen that God is in the details.  Here is a little story about our Heavenly Father revealing Himself in the detail in my life yesterday. 
        An appointment for a kidney biopsy is scheduled for me on Monday 7th November.  As part of the preparation, I must have some blood tests done.  Now I had totally forgotten about that.  As a matter of fact, blood tests were the furthest thing from my mind Wednesday afternoon.  I had a headache. 
This headache was behind my eyes, pressure on top of my head, and tension in my neck.  I’d taken some pain relievers, but they didn’t seem to be working.  So after waiting for half-an-hour, I went to the shower and sat with the hot water washing away the tension in my body and reducing the pain in my head.  I’d wrapped up warmly and crawled into bed afterward, to sleep off the residue of tiredness.  As I lay there, trying to clear my mind and drift off to sleep, the Holy Spirit softly spoke to me. 
“Monday’s procedure requires a blood draw a few days before.  Tomorrow is Thursday—you can’t have the blood test any later than Friday.”  I looked at the clock.  Yes, it was still possible to ring the local surgery and see if I could get in on Thursday or Friday.  I rolled out of bed and come to my office, where I rang the doctor’s surgery (office) and waited for my turn in the phone cue.  Thankfully the headache had totally receded—and I was simply tired.  Once the receptionist answered, I quickly explained what I needed, and scheduled an appointment for 1:10 pm on Thursday afternoon.
About 30 seconds after I’d hung up, the phone rang.  It was the nurse from Royal Berkshire hospital.  She wanted to know when I was having my blood test done, if there was someone to pick me up after the procedure and someone to be with me all night.  Wow—not even a full minute after I’d book the necessary blood test, I was being contacted about it!!!  And until ten minutes before that, I’d completely forgotten about it.  The whole situation could not have been more perfectly time! 
I was listening to Joyce Meyer on the Inspiration Channel.  She says that just as God keeps a book of remembrance, we should make a record of everything God does for us.  By doing so, our hearts will grow more and more thankful.  So, I wanted to share my thanksgiving with you.  

Have a great day!  And may you see God in the details of your life.

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,  "Lady Helene"

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