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Cinco De Mayo, Balcony Garden and Wedding Impressions

        To my friends-family in South-West United States, I send greetings; “Feliz Cinco De Mayo.”  I had to look up the origin of Cinco De Mayo.  It is the celebration of the Mexican’s victory over invading French troops in the State of Puebla, Mexico.  It is celebrated only in the State of Puebla, Mexico and in the USA.  To learn more about this fascinating bit of history, I recommend:
L-R:  Carrots and Beet Root
Sunflowers top, beans bottom
       After getting interrupted on several different days, I have finally managed to get the bean sprouts and sunflowers transplanted into bigger containers.  Only slightly messy, it didn’t take long because I had about four sunflower sprouts and about 12 bean plants.  Green shoots of spinach are thickening up and the purple beet root sprouts add a bit of colour to the box.  I plan to buy some tomato plants at a local plant sell on the 14th.  The plant sell is to raise support for Save the Children.
        The dark purple waist coat I began sewing in 2008 is almost complete—just needs the button holes and the buttons sewing on.  I bought the buttons on Tuesday, when I went into town with John.  Only one shop in the local High Street sells haberdashery.  The shop had a bit more than I remembered.   
        The month leading up to 29th April was filled with daily reports of the details of the upcoming Royal Wedding.  I rather likened the constant over-reporting of speculations of flowers and possible menus for the reception—not to mention the dress—to living in Indiana during the Month of May.  From 1st May until race day, the local news channels don’t let you forget about the men and machines that run around in a circle for a few hours.  Even if a person doesn’t care, he/she is inundated with the tiniest bit of information.  I don’t care if Katherine sneezed five times during having her hair sprayed!  ( I made that up!)  I left the television off a great deal during April.  I did want to watch the beauty of the day unfold and rejoice that a young couple were embracing the covenant of marriage.  But I really didn’t need to know who had or had not been invited; nor did I want to know at the precise minute the bride was to be leaving the hotel.  Too much information can ruin a wonderful story!
Our Wedding Day 18 January 2003
        On Friday morning I turned on the television, picking the station I wanted to watch—BBC 1 and ITV1 were both broadcasting.  My Midnight Man and I sat on the couch, holding hands and followed the princes leaving the castle, Kate riding to the Abbey. 
        Now, it really annoys me when I watch a programme on television or listen to a report over the radio and the interview goes such:  “What did you think of the dress?”
        “Oh, it was beautiful!”
        I acknowledge that most people aren’t writers—and that their replies are more emotive than thought through for the sake of being concise and articulate.  The moment the cameras revealed a clear view of Kate’s dress, I blurted out, “Grace Kelley” 
        I wish I’d been the one asked about Kate’s dress:  It would have sounded a bit like this:
        Reporter:  “What were your impressions of Kate Middleton’s dress?”
       Me:  Grace Kelly’s dress,—obviously Kate’s designer took inspiration from the lace bodice and sheer veil.  The lines are elegant, enhancing Katherine’s stunning, slim figure.  It’s sophisticated, the skirt being full, balancing the tight-fitting bodice.  She looks stunning in it.  Her designer caught the essence of Kate’s personality, while suiting it to the occasion.  It’s truly a royal creation.”
        One of the highlights of the wedding for me was the prayer that William and Katherine wrote for the ceremony, which was read by Richard Chartres, the Bishop of London, during the ceremony. It was: "God our Father, we thank you for our families; for the love that we share and for the joy of our marriage.  In the busyness of each day keep our eyes fixed on what is real and important in life and help us to be generous with our time and love and energy.  Strengthened by our union help us to serve and comfort those who suffer.  We ask this in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Amen.”
        There was a very strong Christian influence in the wedding service.  And it gladdened my heart that the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge deliberately wrote “in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.”  One day William will be the head of the Church of England.  The words evidenced a level of faith in Christ.
        For several days after the Royal Wedding, commentators and news programmes were still reviewing on the event.  However, on Monday I heard the news that is now the main focus of the world...the United States Special Forces raid on Osama Bin Laden.  All I can say is, the world has experienced a weekend of world-shaking events. 
        I can’t help but think about the returning of Jesus Christ for His Bride and the judgement where Satan himself is cast into hell. 
        But until that time, I’m glad I’ve got some simple tasks to keep me grounded and focused. 
  Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,  "Lady Helene"

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