Thursday, 17 March 2011

New Wine Women's Day

        Circles within circles, rather like a drop of rain falling into a pond, the Holy Spirit knows how to create movement and yet maintain continuity within the Body of Christ.  Specifically for the purpose of this post, I am referring to the New Wine Ministry within the Church of England (Anglican-Episcopalian church). 
New Wine Ministries was born out of the heart of Bishop David Pytches in the 1980’s.  Whilst serving in Chile, the Bishop and his wife saw the effectiveness of teaching and equipping the people in the pews how to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.  He had a passion to see the Church of England affected in the same way he’d seen in Chile.  Bishop Pytches began training through a series of one-day conferences, which led to weekend training events.  Eventually, in 1989 the first New Wine week-long conference was held and over 2,400 people attended.  Today New Wine has regular opportunities to meet for refreshing, teaching, training and obtaining resources.  For more information about New Wine, its history, and current activities please visit their website:
New Wine Camp Site-- tents I used!
New Wine Tent Community
Our Vicar and his wife have been affiliated with New Wine for several years.  Last July they introduced me to me the New Wine Conference in Shepton Mallet in Somerset.  It was a challenging week; yet I treasure the time away from home that allowed me to focus on God and what He is doing in my life. 
On Saturday, 26th February, New Wine hosted a Women’s Day at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster, London.  When I saw the e-mail about the event in my inbox, I wistfully sighed with desire and regret.  Since John and I are both unable to work, I knew affording this day was not an option.  God heard my sigh, and a dear friend asked if I’d like to go, offering to sponsor me.  I felt humbled and honoured.
I’d been to the Emmanuel Centre previously, and it was a pleasure to join over 1,000 women to sing praises to the Lord, and hear some life-changing teaching.  The speakers for the day were Lindsay Melluish, Jenny Peters and Celia Apeagyei-Collins.  The theme for the day was “Making a Difference.” 
Lindsay Melluish and her husband Mark minister at St. Paul’s Ealing, in west London.  Mark is a vicar and is also general manager of New Wine.  Lindsay has written and implemented the material for Family Time and Parenting Children programme.   
Jenny Peters, along with her husband, John, minister at St. Paul's Anglican Fellowship in Onslow Square, Kensington, London. 
The day’s high-light for me was listening to Celia Apeagyei-Collins.  She had just flown in from ministering in Africa that morning.  Yet you have thought she’d just had a full-night’s sleep in a hotel down the road.  Celia’s enthusiasm was contagious and she had us laughing within minutes.  Celia’s pithy, truth-filled, rapidly fired words were not only inspirational, they were instructional. 
Reminding us of Who we are in Christ, Celia admonished us to be climate changers—because when the climate is wrong, nothing can grow.  As Christians, we are meant to change and are capable of changing the climate in our minds, our homes, our workplaces, our communities and our nations.  The tools for changing climates are worship and intercession.
Another of her dynamic statements:  “The design of God has no gender.  You are not limited by your gender.  God made you with a capability to take care of His business.”
Celia went on to explain that our design—talents, preferences, personalities and opportunities—determines our function.  Ultimately, our purpose is to frustrate the works of the kingdom of Satan and to advance and promote the business, the plans and the purposes of the Kingdom of God. 
Celia’s presentation had so much good material there is no way I could get all of it down on paper.  Thankfully the session was recorded and can be purchased at this link:
To learn more about Celia Apeagyei-Collins and her work, you can go to:
        The Body of Christ is as amazing in her design and function as the biological, natural world that we live in.  In the Northern Hemisphere spring is slowing bring new colour to the land.  Crocus, forsythia bushes and even a few crab apples are now blooming.  The traditional church is a constant—just like the earth.  Yet she is constantly changing with each new generation.  God brings renewal within the existing structure, yet new expressions are birthed as seasons come, seasons go.  New Wine Ministries is about allowing the Holy Spirit to breath and move, to bring renewal, fresh vision and empowerment within the foundations of the Church of England. 
Serving Jesus, Author of our faith,  “Lady Helene”

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