Monday, 21 February 2011

Appreciating the Feedback...

      I recently picked up a copy of Blogging For Dummies from the library.  One of the questions I had when I started blogging was how often I should blog.  The author said that to build a large readership, blogging everyday is a good goal.  That relieved my mind--as I didn't want to overwhelm my readers.  
     I am always surprised at which postings get feedback.  The posting "Thoughts for Today" about foods I don't like has generated some lovely feed back.  The following is from one of my friends.  I'm posting it because she has provided some tasty suggestions.
Hi Dalletta,
       Agree with you on the alcohol. Tastes terrible. We have tried wine samples before at restaurants. Why try to learn to like something that isn't necessary anyway? I have enough trouble with chocolate! Yum!.
      I used to hate mushrooms, but have learned to like them somewhat. Saute in a little soy sauce & water (need water so ss doesn't get too strong & concentrated & so there is a "broth" formed.)  Serve over baked potato. Low fat & yummy.
     Olives! Can't get enough of them - green or black.  My Italian family favorite. Marinate black olives in olive oil, garlic, oregano & just a pinch of crushed red pepper. Eat as is or add to salad. Amazingly delicious. (Of course, it's in my Italian blood so maybe that's why I like it so much.)
     Hope you & John are well. Our whole family has started on a health-improvement adventure called it out online. Dean & I, Joel & Kellie, and Lisa all involved. Even Steve is working on some areas without "officially" joining. Great support from others.
    Keep in touch!
Thanks for the feedback.  I am sure My Midnight Man will love the marinated olives.  

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith.

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  1. It's interesting how when we are younger, how fixed we can be in how things are done. I can remember a friend saying that he didn't allow alcohol including wine into his house. I thought, what a pity you would never be able to have spaghetti bolognase or lasagne. Never dawned on me that bolognase sauce could be made without wine until many years later.