Tuesday, 9 November 2010

2nd November--but only posted on the 9th

I love the view from my office/studio window.  The tree outside is full of little red berries the birds love to come and feed on.  They fly onto the branches and then off so quickly that I never have time to grab my camera and take a few photos.  A pair of black-and-white magpies are two of the regulars "fly-ins." 

     Thanksgiving is coming quickly--just days away.  I have much to be thankful for this year.  Most especially I deeply appreciate God's love gift to me in the form of my patient, kind, generous and caring husband--My Midnight Man.  

      During this past year I have been struggling with my health.  I am awaiting notification of an appointment with a Rheumatologist to explore the condition of ME (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Some days I have sufficient energy to do dishes or a couple of loads of laundry.  Other days I simply sleep.  It is frustrating when I want to make Christmas gifts, write more blogs, work on some other writing projects and get my paint box out.  I have days when I have lots of energy for three, maybe four hours, and then I'm exhausted.  I have to plan what days to rest and what days to take advantage of my energy.
     However, I'd really like to report on the things that have happend on my okay/good days.  

      As you can see by the date on the photo, I finished the sweater for my friend's "furbaby".  I was well pleased that I finished it with over a week to spare before my friend went home.  However, I was a bit anxious to know whether all my mathematical calculations had been accurate and if it would fit.  It was a matter of waiting until my Friend got home and dressed Shotzi in it.  

Another thing I learned was that this yarn handles better using a stockingette stitch instead of the garter stitch.  I thought I'd never want to work with this crazy stuff again.  But, I still have a enough to make another jumper for Shotzi.  And once I saw the result, I'm thinking of giving it another go.  As you can see, I did get "the maths" right!--much to my delight.
      On Tuesday, 5th October the weather was delightful and my guest and I went to Windsor Castle to see the changing of the guard.  We learned that you can recognise which regiment is on duty by looking at how the buttons are sewn in groupings on their red tunics (jackets):  
Grenadier regiment has a single button;  
Coldstream (both English) have sets of two buttons; 
Scots have sets of three buttons, 
Irish have sets of four buttons and 
the Welsh Guard have sets of five buttons.  
The day we went the Scots Regiment were on duty.  To get a better idea, check out the website:http://www.changing-the-guard.com/regiments.html   
     After wearing ourselves out standing, we made our way to Esquires Coffee House on the High Street.  We had a lot of time to just sit and talk about life and love.  We laughed, drank lots of coffee (four cups between us).  Esquires offers a loyalty card.  Buy nine cups and get the 10th free.  We were about half way there! http://www.esquirescoffee.co.uk/ 

We also enjoyed watching the folk walk by, as there had been an official awards ceremony at the Castle.  People who have made a significant contribution to the United Kingdom were recognised by being awarded either an OBE--Officer of the British Empire--MBE--Member of the British Empire--or a CBE--Commander of the British Empire.  So it was high-hats, high-heels, and haberdashery.  

      The other interesting folk to watch were the folk on holiday.  They were easy to spot, as they had knap-sacks, back-packs, and cameras.  From our perch by the coffee shop, we could see the double-decker tourist bus stop about two blocks away from us.    

One of the money saving measures I take is to simply let my hair grow until I have been blessed with an unexpected financial gift.  So my hair was getting quite long--longer than John likes.   As a "Thank You" for the hospitality we provided, I was blessed with a trip to the beauty shop for a haircut.  Notice the curly bangs/fringe?  That is all natural.  It seems like the older I get, the more curly my hair gets!  What a kick!  Natasha, the hair stylist, used a round brush and blow dryer after she cut it.  If I leave my hair, it just curls!  I love it!

      On 22nd October the phone rang.  I would have preferred to ignore it, as I didn't feel good.  But My Midnight Man was out, and I thought he might be calling me.  Instead, it was John's best friend, Mark.  Mark wanted to know if we had plans for the evening, as it was John's birthday.  The result was being invited out to dinner with Mark and his wife, Sherie.  http://www.tobycarvery.co.uk/  I do recommend it for a hot, roast dinner.   

      We've had the heating on a few times now, on those windy, rainy, grey days.  The sun is setting by 4:45 in the evenings now and I shall soon want to start lighting candles.  The autumn here in England has been beautiful, full of golden light in the evenings, and those reds, oranges yellows that are revealed when the chlorophyll in the trees shuts down and seeps away.  It is nature's way of preparing the trees for winter.  I suppose it is the time of the year that I am most inspired.  
     I hope that all of you are inspired by the changing seasons.  For those in the southern hemisphere, here comes summer!  My prayer is that each of you find strength, wisdom and joy for each day!  

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith.


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  1. We love Esquires, it's really popular here in NZ too. Yes our summer is on it's way and we're really ready for warmer, longer days.

    I am going through an early menopause (oh joy) and get shocking fatigue and horrible down hormones at random times - who'd be a woman (of course I blame Eve and the Apple!)

    Great blog Dalletta and lovely writing, I feel like I am in England with you.

    Love Karen in NZ