Monday, 6 September 2010

2010 September 6

Yum...peanut butter on ryvita sunflower seed crackers witha cup of coffee.  It's a great snack for a Monday afternoon.  

After putzing around on other blog sites and finding myself confused or mystified, I wanted to find a place that was simple, straightforward and accessible.  So, knowing that several of my friends use, I've joined the crowd.  
Yesterday I made a post on the Myspace blog, which is the MSN website.  It took me forever to find out how to even get to the page, let along write something!  If I want to blog regularly, I don't want to fight mental gymnastices.  

I seem to have a lot of energy today.  I'm thankful.  Actually, more than thankful.  I have been fighting fatigue, tremours and the frustration that comes with not having the energy to chase my dreams.  Chase my dreams?  I didn't even have energy to do basic housework.  
The family GP has prescribed an increase of the beta blocker I've already been taking, as well as HRT.  So, here we are on day two and I'm experiencing increased energy.  But it's only day two...and I'm waiting to see if the HRT is going to provide uncomfortable sides affects.  

Over the weekend I started a small knitting project.  Knitting a sweater for a small dog is a small project.  It's a colour for which I have no personal  But pink will suit an all-white maltese nicely.   I hope it won't take me over two weeks...but I must make time. 

I will do my best to keep all of you up-dated.  

Serving Jesus, Author of our faith. 

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